Twine Orb’s

This past weekend was reserved for a special DIY project that I could use as christmas decor, either inside or outside. These cute twine orbs/balls I made are so great looking, they would make a great addition to your indoor or outdoor decor even if it’s not holiday season.


You will need:

  • Wood glue. (This is the one I used: Gorilla wood glue)
  • Twine
  • Some balloons. Water balloons would give a nice round shape. I used regular balloons which were a little oval in shape, but didn’t make a difference to the end result.
  • scissors
  • disposable containers and glasses.
  • Decorative lights (optional). (here are the ones I used: yellow lights  and colorful lights)

Now let’s get on with making these:

  1. place a large trash bag or newspapers on the surface of your work/craft area.
  2. Blow up the balloons to as big or as small you would like the twine balls to be. Place the balloon on a disposable (or not) cup or glass.  IMG_3522
  3. Cut up the twine into 1 foot pieces. Some people don’t cut up the twine, but I found that cutting it into little pieces makes the whole process a little easier and a little less messy. IMG_3521
  4. Empty some wood glue into a disposable container. The description the bottle of glue says it’s good for indoor as well as outdoors (even in rain and snow).
  5. Put the twine pieces into the glue and mix them up well with a stick or spoon so that each one is soaked well in the glue.
  6. Begin picking up the twine, squeezing out excess glue and start sticking it to the balloon.
  7. Stick all the twine to the balloon and make sure to fill up empty spaces and turn the balloon around as you go.  IMG_3525
  8. Once done, keep the balloon to dry overnight.
  9.  Pop the dried balloon and remove it from inside the ball.
  10. Decorate by wrapping the lights around or inside the orb…….

Voila! You have a wonderful decorative piece that so easy and fun to make. Great for a weekend project!

You can add glitter to the glue if you like!! 🙂 And here is the end result, isn’t it so pretty!! 🙂


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