Aurora Fairbranks

Hi, my name is Shivani. I live in the cold state of Minnesota! I am a software developer by day and moonlight as an art lover, foodie and star-gazer by night! Being a libra I am absolute romantic at heart and cherish all things that bring joy to me, excite my senses and touch my soul!

Fleeting through the ins and outs of daily life, each day starts to feel the same as the next! Do you feel the same way ? Sometimes one needs to take a break from this monotony and indulge oneself in something different, something that excites you or exercises your mind or your body. I know I definitely need such breaks every now and then.  Oh how delightful it is to think of something pretty and then bring it to life. If you are like me and love DIY projects, trying new things, experiencing new flavors and new destinations, join me in this journey. I hope to share all my creations and experiences with you and along the way hope to help you bring ideas to life and experience the joys they bring with them!